Buy The Best And Recommended Chess Supplies On The Market

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Do you want to check out some of the best chess supplies on the market?

For beginner chess players, having some sets of chess supplies is not entirely necessary.

But for some, the chess sets and other related chess stuff is a player's choice (or collector's choice)! 🙂

In this article, I wanted to share some of the best chess supplies that you can buy on the market right now (some of these are wooden, marble, luxury chess sets, or chess related stuff like clocks, chess scorebooks, and more…)

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It is essential to talk about chess supplies because they are part of the game.

Items like a chess clock, a storage case, or a score sheet can be an essential part of the game.

Sometimes you can buy a select type of chessboard or chess piece because of particular reasons.

It is interesting to see how this classic game can have many variants without altering the main concepts of the game.

There are many ways to adapt your own chess set to your personal needs and preferences, and choosing your chess supplies can be a great way to do that.

Luxury Chess Sets

Walnut Chess Set

Regencychess 23.6″ Dark Walnut Burl Luxury Italian Chess Board

This luxury wooden chess board is handcrafted in Italy.

It can be used to play chess and also as a type of decoration.

It is recommended to be used with Garvi Rosewood Chessmen because they combine well with this chessboard and make a great luxury chess set.

This set is excellent to use, and it can also make a great gift.

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Luxury Staunton 4.25 ” Garvi Luxury Rosewood

These chess pieces make a game of excellent luxury chess set with the Regency dark walnut burl luxury chess board mentioned above.

They are crafted from rosewood and have great detail.

It is easy to distinguish every type of piece, as well as the difference of color that each player uses.

They are a great set of chess pieces to play with, and they also serve as decoration.

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Bello Games Luxury Chess Table

This is a luxury chess table. It has two drawers that can be used to store the chess pieces.

It has a solid frame and pedestal so that it can be comfortably used for playing chess.

It can serve as a chess board and as a gorgeous side table.

It is one of those pieces of furniture that, on its own, makes your house look great.

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American Staunton Luxury Wooden Chess Pieces

These luxury wooden chess pieces are made with two different types of wood.

The black pieces are made with ebony wood and the light ones, with boxwood.

They all have felted bases. The chessmen set contains 34 pieces (2 extra queens for pawn promotion).

The wood carving work is done on these pieces of very impressive because of all the details and the proportions.

This is an excellent set of chess pieces to play with, and they could also be a great gift.

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Wooden Chess Supplies

Wooden Carved Chess Pieces

These wooden pieces are exceptionally well carved.

They have a smooth texture, and they have a great silhouette.

The six types of pieces can be easily distinguished, and the two colors (for the two players) contrast clearly to avoid any confusion during the game.

The pieces have a felt bottom so that they don't harm the chessboard.

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Wooden Chess Table with Pedestal Base

This cherry table with a pedestal base can be used for playing chess and for anything else that a standard side table works for.

It has a drawer that can serve to store chess pieces.

Its pedestal has made playing comfortably.

It is a very elegant, shiny finish, and you can have all the pieces and the board on one single spot to be ready to play at any time, which is very practical.

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Regencychess Wooden Chess Board

This contemporary chess board was manufactured in Europe.

It measures 21.3 X 21.3 inches, and it is crafted with mahogany and birch.

A set of chess pieces where the king measures 4 inches in height can fit very well in its square spaces.

Although it is not a luxury chessboard, it is still very elegant, and it can be used as a great piece to decorate your house. It can make a great gift, too.

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Wooden Chess Table

This elegant wooden chess table, with a pedestal base, has two drawers that can be used to store chess pieces.

The top part of the table can be turned to play backgammon.

It can be used to play games and also as a type of decoration for your house.

The advantage of having the colors of the chess board light brown and dark brown is that the traditional white and black chessmen are easily seen during the game (they contrast with the squares).

Staunton Wooden Chess Pieces

These Staunton wooden chessmen set is made out of two different types of wood.

The dark pieces are made with golden rosewood, and the light pieces are made with boxwood.

All the pieces have felted bottoms. The detail of the carved pieces is awe-inspiring.

These pieces are recommended for a chessboard whose squares measure 5 to 5.5 cm.

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Metallic Chess Supplies

Minerva Black and White Heavy Metallic Chess Pieces

These zinc alloy chess pieces are made out of metal and have a color coating to give them their black and white colors.   Their metallic material makes them heavy and resistant, so they have padded bottoms.

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Janus Silver and Bronze Heavy Metallic Chess Pieces

These silver and bronze chessmen have their natural color.

Their metallic material makes them heavy and robust, so they have padded bottoms.

They are greatly sculpted and are well detailed.

The chessmen set have 34 pieces (2 extra queens) and come in four different sizes.

The pieces are hollow so that you can add more weight to them if you want.

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Marble, Granite, and Stone Chess Sets

Marble and Stone Chess Pieces

These chessmen are carved out of two different materials.

The white pieces are made with India marble, and the black pieces are made with black natural stone.

It is interesting to see these typical black and white colors in the chess pieces, but with their barely noticing textures.

These pieces have the correct size and color to fit perfectly with the black and white chessboard that is mentioned next.

These pieces are great to play chess and make a great gift.

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Marble and Granite Chess Board

This elegant marble and granite chess board is a piece of art.

The materials it is made out of giving this board some fascinating textures, without being too distracting to play.

The different stones are put together by using inlay art. It measures 12 X 12 inches.

Chessmen set with a 2.5-inch tall King would fit well in this chess board.

It is a great chessboard to play with.

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Plastic Chess Supplies

Staunton Plastic Chess Pieces

These Staunton style plastic chess pieces have an excellent sculptural appearance, and they come in 11 different colors: army green, black, blue, gold, neon green, orange, purple, red, silver, white, and yellow.

It's fun to play this game with pieces of different colors than the traditional ones.

Every color you choose is half a set, so choose your two favorite contrasting colors and enjoy the game.

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Tournament-size Plastic Chess Pieces

These are 34 tournament-size chess pieces.

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Chess Clocks

US Chess Federation Digital Chess Clock with Wedge Bag Carrying Case

This is a heavy and sturdy chess clock with touch buttons.

These metallic buttons do not work mechanically; they activate when you touch them.

The numbers shine bright and clear.

A tone and light indicate the change of clock.

The clock comes in 4 different colors: black, blue, green, and red.

The carrying case matches the color of the clock, except for the black clock, which can have a blue or a dark green bag.

It is a great clock to have if you play chess.

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Plastic Digital Chess Clock

Read my related chess clock review here.

This is a digital chess clock, and it has bonus and delay features.

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Regencychess Wooden Chess Clock

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This is an elegant, traditional chess clock made out of dark wood.

It works with a wind-up mechanism, instead of batteries.

If you like traditional technology (especially the old technology that was environmental friendly), this is an excellent option for a chess clock.

It is also interesting to use these types of technologies now and then because they work very well.

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Chess Scorebooks

This scorebook allows you to write down every move you make during the chess game so that there is an unbiased winner at the end.

You can write down a maximum of 90 moves per game for a total of 100 games.

It's a complete scorebook where you can write down all the needed information about the game, and you will be using it for a long time (100 games).

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Chess Scorebook and Notation Pad

This hardcover scorebook is an excellent choice to buy because it is convenient to write down the information about your chess games.

Writing down every move helps you analyze the way you play and progress faster.

It has 100 pages, each for one game.

The spine of the book cover is sewn and glued for better resistance.

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Chess mats and Roll-ups

Silicone Chess Mat

This chess mat meets the standards of a tournament.

It is an efficient option instead of a regular chessboard because it is easier to store.

You can roll it and put it in a standard chess bag or store it flat. It has a 0.042″ thickness.

It is made of silicone, and it is easy to clean.

Chess pieces with the felt bottom will not slip on this mat.

It is a great option to possess as a chess supply.

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Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board

This chess board measures 20 X 20 inches (standard tournament size).

The fact that it rolls up makes it easy to store and comfortable when you have to travel.

Since the squares are green, it is easier to see the black pieces when you are playing.

It has an algebraic notation on all sides.

It is a durable vinyl chessboard that can take harsh treatment.

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Chess Bags

The House of Staunton Chess Bag

This is a US Federation House of Staunton Chess Bag.   It measures 24 X 9 inches, and it can carry a roll-up chess board, the chess pieces, a chess clock, a scorebook, etc.  

It has several divisions in the inside to keep all the objects inside organized.  

It is a durable, resistant, and lightweight chess bag.  

If you participate in tournaments or travel a lot, it is convenient to have this bag.   It comes in 27 different finishes.

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The House of Staunton – Drawstring Chess Bag

This bag is great if you play chess tournaments.   It has a drawstring to close it and the bottom flat.   It can carry all the things you need to play chess, and it can also be used to store those items.  

It is manufactured by the US Chess Federation, which means that it was studied by specialists, and it should meet the requirements that any chess player has.

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Basic Chess Bag

The US Chess Federation manufactures this bag.

It has a zipper on top to close it, and it is made of vinyl.

It comes in four colors: black, forest green, red, and royal blue.

It measures 8 X 6.5 inches, and it can fit 32 chess pieces.

This is a very convenient chess supply to have because it keeps all your chess pieces together for storage or transport.

That way, they won't get lost.

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Chess Piece Cases

Regencychess Wooden Chess Piece Case

This wooden chess piece case has a sliding cover.

It is an elegant box that helps in keeping all the pieces together without losing them.

It is especially useful when you have expensive, or in general, a favorite set of chess pieces.

The advantage that boxes have over bags it that they can absorb accidental hits, leaving the pieces better protected.

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Staunton Chess Board Game Storage Briefcase Box

This storage box can keep an entire chess set (pieces and board) safely. It fits a 12″ marble chessboard (like the one mentioned before) and all the marble (and stone) pieces of the set.   It is an important case to have because stone pieces are fragile, and if any part of the marble or stone chess set falls or gets hit, It breaks.   The case is very elegant. It is made out of leather, and it has a solid internal structure.   The inside has a lot of cushion-like material.

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Wrapping Up

With all these examples of the types of chess supplies that are being sold in the world, there are plenty of options you can choose from.

Maybe you prefer a chess table instead of a chessboard.

Perhaps you like chess pieces that have a lot of weight, great details, or unusual colors.

Maybe you prefer to own a chessboard with an exceptional material, one that you can roll up and store comfortably, or you prefer to buy a luxury set and put it on display in your house.

Seeing the advantages of using score sheets can make you want to buy them.

Maybe you enjoy using an old, classic chess clock instead of one with more recent technology.

There are no wrong or right decisions in this, and It is just a matter of choice. Have fun with your chess supplies! 🙂 Also don't forget to checkout ChessDelights chess recommendations here.

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