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Leap Digital Chess Clock Review


Leap PQ9907S digital chess clock review

I've read some article that chess game for average players like me, can waste a lot of our time (productive ones)…  


But, only if you play ungodly hours and you forget about the important things that you need to do.  

Here's a really nice solution for you! A chess clock or a digital chess clock!


That's why I prefer using chess clocks in a chess game – you can set how many minutes or hours you want to play, and you can end a chess game if your opponent runs out of time…

Here's a quick review of Leap PQ9907S digital chess clock:  

I bought this digital chess clock ( click to see it on Amazon ) because it was not too expensive and had the two features I need (which is all I need this time)

Want to buy a simple digital chess clock?


So, if you need a simple digital chess clock, then you can go for this brand!

You can use this in practice, and it's suitable for teaching kids the importance of a chess clock in games.

Wrapping Up

This item fits my budget and quality is not bad.  

If you are planning to play in tournaments, you can buy this one to practice your time management during a game…  


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