We focus on building confidence and experience while playing an amazing game of chess.

Welcome to ChessDelights website where we believe that exceptional chess skills can be acquired without years of learning and training at a young age.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower chess enthusiasts to excel in the game without the need for extensive training from a young age. We aim to provide resources and guidance that will help players enhance their skills and confidence on the chessboard.

Our Vision

We envision a community of chess players who approach the game with joy, confidence, and a growth mindset. We believe that anyone can improve their chess skills and compete successfully, regardless of their age or experience level.

My Story

A chess enthusiasts who wants to share about chess online

Gary Flores


Chief Digital Publisher

My father introduced me to the intricate world of chess. He taught me the rules, strategies, and the beauty of the game. I vividly remember spending hours with him, honing my skills, learning from each move, win, or loss.

I never really received any formal training. Despite my passion for the game, I was always aware of the knowledge I lacked from books, coaches, and grandmasters.

My friends and family saw my potential but had their doubts due to my lack of formal training.

Soon, I participated in interschool tournaments, and moved up to provincial tournaments, and won those tournaments. 

Despite those early success, I never harbored dreams of becoming a professional chess player. Instead, I believed that the true essence of the game lay in the joy of playing and the thrill of outwitting your opponent.

Years later, I was able to gain skills in creating websites and joined a group of bloggers writing about their hobbies and passions. That's when I decided to create a chess website for enthusiasts like me who may have lost hope in pursuing their dreams of learning and improving their game. 

This platform is a space to share my learning and studies with others. 

This decision sparked a newfound passion for the game as I delved deeper into learning and playing the game I cherished.

Surprisingly, chess masters from  all over the internet having chess websites expressed interest in partnering with my site.

This all started with a simple idea – to create a platform where chess enthusiasts could come together to learn, share, and grow. Little did I know that my passion would attract the attention of grandmasters from popular chess websites.

Suddenly, I found myself with access to a treasure trove of knowledge and learnings that only the best in the game could offer.

With formal training sessions and insights from these grandmasters, my game improved by leaps and bounds. Every day was an opportunity to absorb new strategies, tactics, and lessons that would shape me into a better player.

Now, with the informations gained from these chess masters, I am on a mission to enhance my skills further by improving my online rating and share the most valuable insights and lessons with others in this website. 

My dream of learning from the best has become a reality, and the chessboard is my canvas for growth and success.

The Chessdelights website aimed to inspire players of all ages to rediscover their love for chess and reignite their passion for the unbeatable game.

Through the ChessDelights website, I'll share my belief that becoming a great chess player does not necessarily require years of experience or formal training. I encouraged others to focus on enjoying the game, savoring each move, and embracing the magic of chess.

For me, the true victory in chess was not in achieving professional status but in experiencing the sheer delight of playing an extraordinary game that transcended age and skill levels. 

And so, this website serves as a beacon of hope for those who believed that it is never too late to fall in love with chess all over again.

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