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26 Coolest Chess Sets and Games in the World


So, are you looking for cool chess sets to play some amazing games with friends or your family?

When I first thought of buying a chess set for my daughter, I was looking at buying her a themed chess set…

So that it can spark her interest in playing chess with me.

But when I started looking at some chess sets online, particularly on Amazon, I ended up looking at a lot of really amazing looking chess sets.

In this article, I will be sharing with you those cool chess sets to help you play awesome chess games.

Play awesome chess game with these cool chess sets

Chess is one of the most popular games of all time. It has been played throughout the world for centuries.

In recent times there seems to have been an urge to develop the game more.

There are many different cool chess set designs that you can buy online and many different variations of the game, too.

You can find from the most conservative designs to the strangest and most fantastic chess sets that you probably didn't even know that existed.

In this era of significant technological advances, we could expect vast improvements in chess design related to technology.

However, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The technology used in chess games has shown little enhancements.

It is curious to see that the most radical advances in chess set design have been made in areas that affect the organization of the game and that improve the thinking skills of the players.

For example, 3D chess and multiple player chess have shown significant improvements in recent years, and they are interesting because they make you think when you play them.

Brilliant people create chess set designs

Are we ever going to play a holographic game of Chess, like in Star Wars (although I don't think they were playing Chess)?

The technology for creating holographic Chess could exist, and that could probably be designed rather quickly.

Maybe the problem is that there is no interest in the matter.

Perhaps it would be too expensive, and nobody would buy the game.

Maybe there is little interest because holograms would not make the players think more. It is hard to know exactly what is going on.

Perhaps life is not all about technology, but technology is just one part of life (and we have to live life to the fullest).

Maybe all the different types of board games are going through the same situation.

Even though chess sets are not cool because of their technology, there are so many ways in which the designs are cool.

It is interesting to see what the designers and buyers want for the game.

It is interesting to deduce what types of things they expect from it (they are smart people).

The designs in this list show interest in three areas: elegant designs, practical designs, and exercises for thinking.

This list has a lot of different cool chess sets that anyone can enjoy. It starts with the most conservative designs and ends with the most unusual ones.

These cool chess sets are an opportunity to see other important aspects of life that also matter.

Conservative and Cool Chess Sets

1. Large Handmade Walnut Wood Chess Set

This is a traditional design for a chess set, but very well made.

The walnut wooden chess board has two drawers (one on each side) to store the chess pieces. It is hand-carved and very elegant.

The pieces are made out of walnut wood, with a shiny finish and a felt pad on the bottom. It is a great chess set to play with and a great decoration, too.

No products found.

2. Classic Game Collection Metal Chess Set with Wooden Board

This is an elegant and conservative chess set.

The wooden chess board shows excellent craftsmanship.

It can be opened like a box (lifting the upper part) to store the pieces.

The colors of the metallic pieces are gold and silver. This is a great chess set to play, and it can also serve as decoration.

No products found.

3. RADICALn Handmade Marble Chess

This chess set is exciting because it is all made out of marble.

The colors for both the board and the pieces are black and fossil coral.

It is a great chess set to play with, and the textures of the marble give it an interesting look (especially when they combine with the details of the pieces).

The design is exquisite, the marble has a shiny finish, and the craftsmanship is impressive.

The only problem is that, since it is made of marble, it is fragile.

The set includes an elegant storage box.

No products found.

4. Fine Glass Chess Set

This glass chess set has an elegant and durable design.

A chess set in this material is something that you don't see every day.

The pieces come in frosted and clear glass. The set comes with felt pad stickers so that you can paste them on the bottom of the pieces is you want to.

This is a great chess set to have.

No products found.

Cool Travel Chess Set

5. HoveBeaty Portable Magnetic Chess Set

This is a very elegant and practical Chess set for people who travel a lot.

It has a comfortable size, and the materials are resistant…

The problem with magnets is that they have to be attached to something most of the time, or they will lose their magnetic power.

So it is convenient to keep the magnetic pieces stored in the box the least amount of time possible (probably only when you travel).

It is a great chess set to play with.

No products found.

Cool Vertical Chess Set

6. Metal Chess Pieces on Vertical Wall Mounted Chess Board

This is a vertical chess board played with regular chess pieces.

This is hung on a wall, and the players use it as a regular chess game, except for the fact that the player who has the pieces on top will see the game from a different perspective, which could be disturbing to some people.

It is fun to play Chess in this way, and the board looks like part of the decoration.

No products found.

7. Ambrizzola Wooden Wall Chess Set

This is another vertical chess set.

The main difference between this game and the previous one is the design of the board: this one looks more modern, and the previous one looks more conservative.

This chessboard can be an unusual type of decoration that looks very well on the wall and is also fun to play with.

No products found.

Cool Giant Chess Sets

8. Chess House Premium Giant Chess Set Pieces

These giant chessmen are made of polyurethane plastic.

They are durable and resistant to the weather, but light enough for kids to play Chess with them.

These make great decorations when you are not playing.

The floorboard is sold separately.

No products found.

9. Giant Chess/Checkers Floorboard

Note: You may also want to check out more about large chess sets!

This is a great chess floorboard for the giant chess pieces.

The squares are put together, like a jigsaw puzzle.

It can be used on any floor, and even on the lawn. It can withstand weather conditions.

It is perfect for playing both indoors and outdoors.

The pieces are sold separately.

No products found.

Cool Chess Boards

10. 17″ High Gloss Chess Storage Board Chest with 2 Drawers

This is a very elegant chessboard with two drawers (one on each side).

Each drawer has 16 divisions to store the pieces of every player.

Instead of the typical colors of a chessboard, this one comes with cherry and burlwood.

This chess board would look amazing with some cool chess pieces, like those from the Bobby Fischer Series.

It is cool to play Chess on a board like this.

No products found.

11. 15″ High Gloss Black and White Chess Board

This is a beautiful chessboard. It has the usual colors (black and white) with a shiny finish.

All the bottom is covered with felt.

It does not have any storage compartments for the pieces.

Those could easily stay all the time on the board as a type of decoration. It is a conservative chessboard and well done.

No products found.

Cool Chess Pieces

12. Bobby Fischer The Series Metal and Acrylic Chess Pieces

This is a set of 32 chessmen from the Bobby Fischer Series.

The pieces are made of zinc alloy, with a bronze and silver finish, and black leather on the bottom.

They are heavier than usual chess pieces, and they measure 3.5 inches in height and 1.5 inches of diameter in the base.

These are cool chess pieces to play on any chess board you have.

No products found.

13. Bobby Fischer Metal Chess Pieces

This elegant set of 32 chessmen also belongs to the Bobby Fischer Series.

The main difference between these and the previous pieces is that the previous ones have a strip in the middle, made with different materials, and these don't (they have the same metallic color throughout).

These pieces are also really cool to play with.

No products found.

14. HPL Real Brass Metal Chessmen Set

This is a set of 32 shinny and elegant pieces.

They are made of brass metal and have felt on their bottoms.

The colors of the pieces are gold and black.

They are fun to play with, and they can be used as decoration, too.

No products found.

Cool Chess Storage Boxes

15. HPL Flat Storage Box

This is a cool storage box for the chessmen.

It is very elegant, and it can keep the pieces in excellent shape.

It is convenient to keep cool chess pieces in an attractive storage box like this one.

No products found.

Cool Electronic / Computer Chess Games

16. iCore Electronic Travel Magnetic Talking Chess Board Games

This is a great game to take with you when you are on a trip.

It has eight different games (one of them is Chess) While you play on the chess board, the voice in the computer tells you about illegal moves and warns you about threats to your pieces.

It is an excellent game for starters.

No products found.

17. Computer 3D Chess Game

This is a free computer program sold by Amazon Digital Services.

The game is played in 3D, and the graphics are excellent.

It is a good game for beginners. It is easy to use and fun to play.

No products found.

18. Chess Free

This is also a free computer game sold by Amazon Digital Services.

The game is played in 2D. This is a fun game, and it is suitable for beginners.

It has several levels of difficulty. The people who play it like it, and it is free.

No products found.

Unusual Chess Set

19. Umbra Wobble Chess Set

This is a unique type of game because the chessmen are rounded in their bottom part, and the chessboard has an inverted curve in every square (but with a larger radius).

This makes the chess pieces wobble while you play.

This game is so unusual that it is not found in Amazon in the USA.

It can be bought in very few places. If you can buy it, you will have a lot of fun because you never get tired of seeing the pieces wobbling.

No products found.

20. LumiSource LED Lightened Glow Chess Set

In this game, the chessmen light up when they are on the chessboard (or close to it).

The pieces look great if you play in places where there is little light.

With this particular game, you can plan your moves more quickly. For a lot of people, it is more fun to play Chess when the pieces light up.

No products found.

21. Hexagonal Chess Set

This is such an unusual variation of Chess that it is not found in Amazon in the USA.

A lot of things change with this hexagonal chess board.

This game has its own set of instructions. It even uses 18 pieces per player (an extra bishop and an extra pawn).

The pieces are also arranged differently. It is a lot of fun to play this new type of Chess. This chess set includes a regular chessboard, too.

No products found.

Cool 3D Chess Sets

22. Star Trek 3D Chess Set

This is a replica of the game shown in Star Trek.

The rules of the traditional 2D chess game change in this game.

To start with, the different chess boards (which are at different heights) overlap at some points. It is an entertaining game to play.

No products found.

23. Ambrizzola Wooden 3D Chess Board

In this type of game, the chess board is very much like the traditional in 2D.

The squares are given a slight height that makes it 3D. In this case, the rules of the game remain the same.

You can use this chess board with any chessmen you want.

No products found.

Cool Multiple Player Chess Games

24. Husaria Wooden Three Person Player Chess

This hexagonal chessboard is very different from the Hexagonal Chess Set (they cannot be switched). It has its own set of instructions because, as you might expect, some of the rules have to change in this game.

However, the essential rules of traditional 2D Chess are preserved.

The board can be folded (and closed like a box), and its inside part is divided into three sections (one for each player's pieces).

It has the size of a travel chessboard. It is a lot of fun to play this game. It's challenging and exciting.

No products found.

25. 3 Man Chess

This is a circular 3-player chessboard. In this game, the pieces are adjacent to each other, and there is a big circle in the center.

This game is played with its own set of instructions (which are very easy to learn).

The circular board brings a new level of complexity to the game, which makes it fun to play.

This is one of the best variations of Chess that you can find.

No products found.

26. WE Games – 4 Way Chess Set

This four-player chess game is another great variation of Chess.

It has its own set of rules too. It is fun to play, and the game is easy to transport (if you want to take it with you when you are traveling).

Some people prefer to play 4 Way Chess than regular Chess.

No products found.

Some designs are very conservative, and it would be very cool to buy anyone of them.

Others are radically different than traditional 2D Chess, but somehow still look conservative (which is unusual).

The only design in the list that shows interest in something completely unrelated to Chess is probably the Wobble Chess Set.

It focuses on the way the pieces move (when they are supposed to be standing still).

Maybe that is why it is fun to play.

Maybe that concept relates to the conceptual structure of “being fun” somehow. It is an exciting design.

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Wrapping Up

Some designs revealed the eagerness of their creators to destroy the geometric square grid of the chessboard.

Designing something by changing the geometric configuration is a very risky task. Things can seriously go wrong.

It is impressive to see the great work these designers have done. Again, the people designing these games are brilliant.

I end up buying a weighted silicone chess set for my daughter, and she loves it!

If you find this useful, please don't hesitate to share this with your friends. Have fun with your amazing chess sets! 🙂

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"Discover The Solution On How To Improve Your Game Faster" (Even If You're Just Starting Out And You Don't Know Where To Find The Answer!)

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