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I had always wanted to have a collection of my chess-related stuff when I was a kid, like having a nice chess set and read the best chess books at that time (the 1990s). But I appreciate my dad for giving me enough stuff that I can learn how to play chess. ( We even borrow books from his friends before…)

This is a resource page of the chess-related stuff that I recommend and personally use, which has affiliate links. These are the items and online platforms I subscribe personally and buy for my kids that I know are enough to teach them how to play chess. I have not purchased any pricey chess items, but it doesn't mean that the quality of the items below is not that good.

I will be updating this page from time to time if I found useful chess related stuff that I can review for you.

Chess Set (Silicone Board)

Silicone Chess Board

Here I will be sharing my experience with my own chess sets and review related chess sets that you might be interested in.

Click here or click on the image to check out our chess set review.

Chess Clock (Digital)

digital chess clock

Here I will be giving you an idea about the digital chess clock and show you how to set it up; I will also review other chess clocks.

Click here or click on the image to check out our chess clock review.

Chess Online Game

chess online

Here I will be sharing my experience playing with favorite online chess games. I will also show other related chess online games.

Click here or click on the image to check out chess online game.

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