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25 Interesting Chess Birthday Gift Ideas You Need To See

chess birthday

Are you looking for a chess birthday idea? Don't have much time to think of a birthday gift?  
You are thinking of a birthday gift specifically for a chess player… 🙂  

Picking and choosing the right birthday gift can be a hassle for some people.  That is why I made a list of birthday gift ideas for adults, kids and random chess related items that are just right on the budget…  

Here are 25 interesting birthday gift ideas for a family or friends who loves playing chess.

Here are 25 interesting chess birthday gift ideas you need to know

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Chess Birthday Gift Ideas for Adults

1. Best Chess Set Ever (Silicone Chess Board)

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Are you looking to buy a professional looking Chess Set to give as a birthday gift?   Then you need to take a look at Best Chess Set Ever, especially the Silicone Chess Board…  

Some chess players don't like the ordinary board that you find in kids game boards; I bought this Best Chess Set Ever because I wanted to have a chess set where I can fold the board in a smaller size.  

Amazingly, the board does not develop any creases.   The only problem would be is that dirt can stick on the Silicone Chess Board, but if the surface is clean then that wouldn't be a problem.  

Check price for Best Chess Set Ever (Silicone Chess Board)

2. Chess Set with Wine Opener Set

If small-sized chess pieces are okay with you and an extra four parts of wine opener – perfect for wine enthusiast…  

Then this Chess Set with Wine Opener Set is an excellent birthday gift for your dad or for anyone who loves chess and wine. 😉   This is also perfect for travelling because of its compact design, and the four openers are easy to take with anywhere you go.  

But I think this should serve as beautiful home decor, not really for playing chess (unless you like playing with small chess pieces)  

Check price for Chess Set with Wine Opener Set

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3. Solitaire Chess

This is not a regular chess game, but it's a brain teaser for chess beginners – the idea is to learn how the chess pieces capture their opponents, made for solo practice…  

Not really for an expert chess player, the puzzle can become boring once you get used to it.   But, a fun birthday gift for kids, your friend or family.  

Check price for Solitaire Chess

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4. Transforming Chess Mugs

Have you seen those mugs that change when hot water is poured?   That is precisely what this is! 🙂   If you are thinking of buying a mug as a gift for a friend or your family – then you can't go wrong with cups…  

Before you go on and order a transforming mug, you need to check the design – how it would look like?  

Will the image be clear and overall make sure the design will look good when hot water is poured.

Check for the price of Transforming Mugs

5. Chess Shot Glass

Another great birthday gift idea…hmmm…for casual drinkers! 🙂   Well, if you are giving this to a non-alcoholic, then you can suggest to them that it can be a beautiful home decor too.  

If you are ordering this, just be aware that some Chess Set Glass doesn't have a board or some of them are too small while the board is too big.  

It depends on what you think the purpose of the person you are going to give it to.  

Check for the price of Chess Shot Glass

6. Chess Designed Wristwatches

Thinking of a birthday gift and at the same time can be a collectible item for the person you are gifting it?   Watches are always a beautiful birthday gift, and if the person loves chess, then a Chess Designed Wristwatch is a perfect gift.  

Quality should be your priority when buying a wristwatch, but you can compromise quality with the design – if the model is great and exceptional then maybe you can put aside the quality.  

This may be an ideal gift for kids or just a watch collection for a friend… 🙂

7. Chess Designed Tumblers

Maybe you are thinking of a birthday gift for a friend or family who is an office worker and at the same time loves chess… 😉   Then a Chess Designed Tumbler will be another great idea for a birthday gift; this can be convenient for keeping their water cold or warm.  

The only problem that may occur is cleaning the lid cover, and there may be some leak too.  

So, when purchasing as a birthday gift be sure to pay attention to the design and make sure you will get the design you want.

8. Chess Designed Family Matching T-shirts

Even if only one of the family plays chess, wouldn't it be nice to give a birthday gift that has matching chess designs?   A Chess Designed Family Matching T-shirt will look good on them, and will genuinely be appreciated by a family of three.  

I would love to buy a chess designed family matching t-shirts for us too… 🙂  

Check Price for Chess Designed Family Matching T-shirts

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

9. Star Wars Chess Set

A beautiful looking birthday gift for your close friend or family…especially if they are a big fan of Star Wars.   The Star Wars chess pieces have a marking to identify if the chess piece is a Bishop, Knight, etc… and the board may not be proportional to the size of the chess pieces.  

I needed to mention all this to make sure you know what you will be getting and make sure you understand what you are going to give as a birthday gift.  

For Star Wars and Chess fans, they will love this as a birthday gift. 🙂  

Check price of Star Wars Chess Set

10. Harry Potter Chess Set

Know someone who is a big fan of Harry Potter and a chess player too?   This Harry Potter Chess Set is going to make them so excited and play chess at the same time. 🙂  

The box looks good but just be aware that most of the themed chess set has a problem with distinguishing the chess pieces if it's a Bishop, Knight, Rook, etc. when playing…  

Overall, the Harry Potter Chess Set will look good as a regular chess sets even if the person you are giving it to is not a Harry Potter fan.  

Check price of Harry Potter Chess Set

11. Batman Chess Set

Looking for a Batman Chess Set to give as a birthday gift?  Check out the Dark Knight vs. The Joker Theme Set, the details are excellent, and sturdy when placed on the board.  

The only problem will be if you are looking for a better board because the board is just like any ordinary game board.   Nonetheless, the Batman-themed chess set will look amazing as a display and nice to play with as well…  

Check price for Batman Chess Set price

12. Super Mario Chess Set

Most of us played Super Mario games, right? And chess, right? Or not…   Well, if you know a friend or have a family who is going to celebrate their birthday, who plays chess and also played Super Mario – then you got a perfect birthday gift here.  

Super Mario Chess Set will bring out the best and kid inside of you.   But just like all themed chess set, figuring out the chess pieces will somehow be an issue from the start.  

Not much of a problem when you start playing it… 🙂  

Check price for Super Mario Chess Set price

13. Lego Iconic Chess Set

Want to give a chess set that both kids and adults can assemble and play chess after?   Lego Iconic Chess Set will keep them busy…lol!   It's a fun chess set to build but a little bit difficult to move the Lego chess pieces. Can be a beautiful home display because it is Lego… 🙂  

This themed chess set comes with a lot of Lego pieces…you need to make sure that there are no missing pieces.  

But an excellent gift for Lego Fans and Chess players!  

Check price of Lego Iconic Chess Set

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14. Fun Giant Chess Set

Want to give a big surprise to a chess kid on their birthday?   Why not surprise them with a Giant Chess Set…:)   This Giant Chess Set is made to be played together with family, and this would be a fun-filled experience especially for a family of chess players.   Even adults can have real fun with this for sure.  

Expect that the board can have some issue like it is wrinkled and the chess pieces can be light as well, the problem with that type of chess pieces is that it can fall easily.  

But if they just want to have fun, then this is a beautiful birthday gift!  

Check price for Giant Chess Set

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15. Legend of Zelda Chess Set

A chess player and a massive Legend of Zelda fan for a long time? Or you know someone who is?   This Legend of Zelda Chess Set would be a beautiful gift for them…   This set has excellent detail for the Legend of Zelda characters; the only drawback would be the chess board is a bit difficult to see because of its dark shades of the squares.  

Another themed chess set that is perfect for home display, and also lovely to play chess with… 🙂  

Check the price of Legend of Zelda Chess Set

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Random Chess Related Birthday Gift Ideas

16. Vertical Chess Board

Looking for a birthday gift that is something unique for a chess player or even for a family of chess players?   A Vertical Chess Board can be an excellent surprise gift for them. The family can put it on display and play or make a move whenever they pass by… 🙂  

This particular vertical chess board is metallic in style and looks elegant as home decor, but do not expect to play regular chess with this item.  

Check price for Vertical Chess Board

17. Leap Chess Clock

Looking for a chess clock, you can buy a birthday gift? Probably for regular use…   This portable and handy Leap Chess Clock is an ideal birthday gift. I bought this for the family, and it works great, you can set an increment and delay timing.  

The initial problem would be the settings, but not a big issue.  

Check price for Leap Chess Clock price

18. Retro Red Chess Clock

Some chess players even chess beginners want to feel they are playing in a real chess tournament.   If you are planning a birthday gift for a chess beginner and want them to feel that “chess tournament feeling”…  

This Retro Red Chess Clock will do the trick!   Suitable for practices and can withstand abusive chess players (if you know what I mean)…  

Check the price of Retro Red Chess Clock

19. 3D Chessboard

Want to add something unique to your friend's chess collection as a birthday gift?   Give them a chess board with a different perspective, buying this 3D Chessboard as a gift what possibly can go wrong. 😉   This 3D Chessboard was made to amazed chess enthusiasts, and giving this as a birthday gift will blow their mind away.  

Some issue will be if the person you will be giving this is into perfect details because the color may or may not have some distinct contrast with the board.  

But this will be a perfect home display that people can't stop staring at…  

Check the price of 3D Chessboard

20. Chess Salt and Pepper

From chessboard to cookwares… 😉   A chess player that loves to bake? There's an excellent birthday gift idea for them too…   Chess Salt and Pepper design should be one of your choices, there are different designs you can choose from, depends on what type there are glass, ceramic, and stainless steel.  

The only issue will be if you find the Chess Salt and Pepper too small, still useful though.  

Check the price of Chess Salt and Pepper

21. Coca Cola Chess set

Who would not want another Coca Cola collection as a gift?  Especially if it's a chess set, I would wish to have a Coca Cola Chess Set of my someday. 🙂  

Also, I was not aware that this kind of design from Coca Cola is a limited edition…   Get this one as long as it's still available.  

Check price for Coca Cola Chess Set

22. Chess Tray Silicone Mold

This one is a dual purpose…   Are you preparing a birthday cake for a chess player? This Chess Tray Silicone Mold is the perfect combination for a cake and a chess cake design.  Easily mold the chess pieces with your delicious cake recipe, and you have a nice looking chess inspired cake design.   Or…(dual purpose)  

You can give this Chess Tray Silicone Mold to a Pastry maker who is a chess player too…:)   Anyway, this silicone mold will catch chess players attention for sure.  

Check the price of Chess Tray Silicone Mold

23. Unique Chess Designed Wall Clock

An elegant looking Wall Clock can be the center of attraction in any home…   Some chess players would love to have a Chess Wall Clock that has some unique designs, not just the ordinary circle wall clock.  

An issue would this type of Unique Chess Designed Wall Clock is that it will be difficult to read, yes…because of the design.  

But as a birthday gift, the design will be epic, and would typically be a present for adults not for kids.  

Check price for some Unique Chess Designed Wall Clock

24. Choose Your Weapon T-shirt

T-shirt is always a good birthday gift…The only problem would be the sizes.   The design or text won't matter for some as long as the t-shirt fits perfectly, or maybe not for a chess player.  

So, if you are going to buy a T-shirt for a chess player – buy this “Choose Your Weapon” T-shirt design.  

They are going to love not only the design but the printed text on the T-shirt.   Because they are chess players! 🙂  

Check price for Choose Your Weapon T-shirt

25. Chess Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Game

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Looking for a perfect family vacation game birthday gift for your friend or family?   This Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Chess is the right choice; not only does it look classy for outdoor plays…It's also perfect for indoor games.  

The design is small and portable, easy to take around from plane and picnic areas.   A frequent traveler who has a real interest in chess would use this a lot, but for home display purposes this is perfect as well.  

Don't expect a magnetic design when purchased; pieces may be sliding if placed in a moving vehicle or uneven surface.  

If that is not too much of a problem, then this Chess Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Game is an excellent birthday gift.  

Check the price of Chess Genuine Leather Roll-Up Travel Game

Wrapping Up

I purposely made a list of birthday gift ideas that are not too expensive but just right on the budget…   There are only a few common items you can buy as a birthday gift for a chess player, like a chess set, a chess board, chess clock, and chess books.  

But if you go through the list above you will find different chess birthday gift related items that will give you a lot of ideas to buy for your friend or family who is into chess.  

That's it, hope you were able to find the chess birthday gift you are looking for. 🙂   By the way, what do you think is missing in this chess birthday gift idea list?

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