Silicone Chess Board Review


If you play blitz and love to slide chess pieces on your chess board when moving? Then this might not be the best chess board for you…


If you want to play chess with a resilient chess board, then continue reading.

Best Chess Set Ever Review

I was looking for a chess set for my kids, and a magnetic chess board immediately came to my mind.

We bought one and chose a slightly bigger magnetic chess board – I got home, and we played with it for a little while, and I just felt the quality was terrible. Although I can slide the chess pieces, it is not what I was looking for.


Eventually, I bought this chess set (best chess set ever brand) with a silicone chess board and here's what I found out:

Every chess board is different, and it just comes down to your preferences and desires.


So, which chess board to buy?

Alright, this silicone chess board I believe is perfect for bringing to different locations and just play with friends…without worrying about getting your board abused by heavy slammers… 🙂


If you want to have a tournament style chess board that is good for beginners too, and can fold easily that doesn't get creases or wrinkles on your board – you can check this chess set (click to see it on Amazon)


Wrapping Up

I mainly use this chess set to have good practice time and just have a nice looking chess pieces to play with friends and family.

If you want to check out the latest price go here