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The Best Advise In Playing Chess Online That You Need To Know

playing chess online

I have always been curious about playing chess against a computer because it's a very convenient way to have a game of practiced chess anytime you want.

Just like today, playing chess online has become very popular and useful for a lot of chess players that want to improve their game…

Honing your skills to become a better chess player can take many forms. If you want to practice with apps here are the best chess apps to play online.

The practice is vital, and there are many ways where you can practice your tactics and develop your game style. One way is to play chess online.

This means that you can battle a virtual opponent in your computer and play chess, just like any other game experience.

In this article I would like to share with you advises or tips in playing chess online and the best online chess game to play chess.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to playing online chess.

In any case, it equally provides and offers you mentally stimulating games and strengthens your memory muscles, developing your critical thinking skills as well.

Playing chess started with meeting with people and inviting them for duels.

You also usually join chess clubs and tournaments to test your skills and learn from your games.

Even though this has always been the most recommended way to gain enough confidence and learn from different players and opponents and improve your game style, it has quite a disadvantage.

For one, participating in chess clubs and tournaments requires money. Most competitions are held in different places or sometimes halfway across the world.

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This is where the online gaming of chess comes in.

Playing chess online has changed the social landscape of this game because it has provided a virtual platform for many aspiring and interested chess players across the world.

If you want to achieve constant practice without having to worry about joining many tournaments that can cost you a fortune, you can now easily play online chess games.

It is more convenient at best and lets you perform at your own pace.

Playing online chess applies the same rules of the chess game; only you can view it online on your computer.

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It is a simplistic and depersonalized form of the game where you can see through a virtual chessboard and a faceless opponent.

We will explore the different advantages and disadvantages of playing chess online.

We will also identify here which is the best online chess game which you can use to improve your skills in the game.

What are the Advantages of Playing Chess Online?

1. It is the most convenient form of playing and improving your game.

As previously mentioned, you can improve and keep on practicing your skills in chess practically anywhere convenient for you.

As long as you have internet and a laptop or computer, you can access hundreds of chess game websites and compete with online players from around the world.

Playing online chess has defied distance and availability and readily caters to those who cannot easily afford to join and participate in tournaments so they can experience first-hand the games of their stronger opponents and garner wins.

Some of the best online chess games have no membership fees. Others require a minimum payment as well.

2. You can meet diverse players from all around the world.

Enriching your experience is easily within your reach here.

With online chess games, you can encounter and virtually meet millions of players, all at your fingertips.

This is a huge advantage and great opportunity for you because you can also face different game styles from the various players you can battle with, and even choose different levels of playing which can better hone your skills.

You can also meet and join the online community and have a chance to play against the grandmasters in the online realm, and even actually communicate with them.

Virtual gaming does not entirely take away the social aspect of the game where you get to connect with other players.

You can always chat your opponent and see if he or she responds, and you can learn from each other.

If you are lucky, you can have better chances of finding a good coach as you actively communicate and learn from your opponents while playing with them along the way.

Some online or virtual chess games also let you win a prize which may even help you get that dream ticket to participate in live tournaments in other countries as well.

3. It allows you to keep practicing over and over at a convenient time.

The most crucial takeaway in playing online chess is convenience.

You can play anytime, anywhere.

With enough discipline, you can make use of your time studying and practicing chess online with different players.

4. It builds and strengthens your competitiveness.

One feature that differentiates online chess games from live ones is that you get to choose your opponent personally.

You cannot do this in tournaments where you do not know which player will be assigned to you.

Moreover, with online chess games, you can choose players having the same level of competency as you do.

You can also challenge yourself and even choose stronger opponents or advanced players so you can test and advance your skills and even learn better from them.

You can encounter and learn diverse tactics and different game styles from different players if you are daring enough to compete with every type of virtual opponent.

5. Its statistical and computer analysis helps you see through your games better.

Most online chess platforms actively provide a statistical and detailed analysis after each game you played.

This is convenient enough because it is essential that you continuously have self-evaluation of your games so you can better understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

This evaluation is made more available and convenient by online chess games, where they usually offer data and statistical tools to provide you with more insight and understanding of the game you just played—whether you won or not.

They show you your scores, ratings, and reports of your performance.

With the nature of the game being online, you can also choose to repeat your games so that after evaluating your previous performances, you can better perform in your succeeding ones.

This unique feature of being able to repeat your games also allows you to understand better, build, and master your game style.

The game being online and practically virtual, you can also experiment and go anonymous so that you can test what you have practiced in first openings or endgame moves.

6. It provides you with more learning opportunities.

You must remember that the pursuit of learning and mastering the art of chess must always come first before making it a little fun past time.

Keep it a habit to analyze every game that you have played in online chess games so you can better hone your skills.

Make use and maximize the statistical reports provided by the platform.

You can all use these insights so that you would not repeat the same mistakes you have made previously and avoid resorting to making impulsive bullet moves.

What Are The Disadvantages of Playing Online Chess Games?

With the advantages of the virtual game comes its natural drawbacks.

Without proper discipline, you can easily fall into the trap of some of the common adverse effects of any online gaming.

1. It can be highly addictive, making you unproductive.

Any online game that is used without discipline and a sense of productive purpose can be addictive.

Playing online chess games is no exception to this.

It can also be highly addictive, especially for most players who sometimes play for the sole purpose of dumping and degrading their opponent’s ego, breaking them and without really taking in all the learnings from the game.

The thirst for instant gratification of a virtual victory is also evident for some players who get very addicted to playing online chess.

You must remember that you are playing online chess games to improve yourself as a better chess player, not to trample on anyone’s dignity or seek entitlement.

2. It can be a time-killer.

Seeking to master the art of chess is merely one aspect of your life.

If you make it a point to play it primarily online without getting any real learnings from it, treating it like a usual past-time, it can be destructive.

You may become too negligent of other essential things that you must do and accomplish in life. You should allot proper time in practicing the game online.

What is the best online chess game?

Chess.com (disclosure: I am an affiliate of chess.com) is the best online chess game you can use to practice your skills and meet with players of different skill levels around the world.

Most online chess players recommend this platform and consider it as the best in virtual chess coaching.

It has a statistical analysis report for all your games and looks into your progress. It also helps you have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

It offers more challenging tactical puzzles that are specially designed and evaluated by real grandmasters and are distributed accordingly.

Aside from offering chess games, it also has tutorials. It has insightful, interactive video lessons that are also understandable to kids and makes you more interested in chess.

These tutorials are not your usual robotic narrations giving you monotonous guides only. It guides you well and helps you think critically.

Also check out online chess platform to play chess.

Wrapping Up

For me, I like playing chess online not only because I can improve my game (anytime I want)

But I can play chess online with people worldwide.

I'm not a professional chess player, but this online platforms, especially chess.com, helped me in my re-learning of the chess game.

I hope you find this article about playing chess online helpful – please do share with your close friends or relatives who are also interested in playing chess online.

Have fun playing chess online! 🙂

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"Discover The Solution On How To Improve Your Game Faster" (Even If You're Just Starting Out And You Don't Know Where To Find The Answer!)

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