12 Fastest checkmate for black and white you need to learn with table

By Gary Flores •  Last Updated: 3 weeks ago •  14 min read

The fastest checkmate that I have played is a 4 move checkmate. You need to develop these skills in chess for you to feel confident in playing. That's what I felt when I learned some of the fastest checkmates in chess, and I can easily recognize a play that can end up with a checkmate quickly.

Even if the checkmates are possibly fast – you should still have to analyze your opponent's game and never rely on quick wins all the time.

Also, recommend using chess tutorial software to help improve your checkmate pattern recognition.

In this article, I will share my 12 favorites “fast checkmates” and will also look at top websites that have lists of the fastest checkmates in chess.

Here is the list of fastest checkmates:

Name Number of moves for Black to winNumber of moves for White to winPossibility of checkmate to occur
Fool's mate2 moves3 movesUnlikely to happen with trained chess players, even beginners will not open their king side recklessly.
Bongcloud mate3 moves3 movesThe possibility of this checkmate to happen is very very unlikely, but it's one of the fastest possible checkmates out there.
(Fool's mate) King's pawn openingNot applicable4 movesThe possibility of this fool's mate is very unlikely, but was surprised that this actually happened in a real game.
(Fool's mate) Bird's opening 4 movesNot applicableThis is unlikely to happen but just like the fool's mate for king's opening taking the Queen is very tempting.
Scholar's mate4 moves4 movesThe possibility of executing this quick checkmate is very likely, especially because this move is a fast paced move.
(Unknown) Queen's gambit fork mate5 moves6 movesThis checkmate is likely to happen only if the Queen takes the pawn during the gambit.
Hippopotamus mate6 moves6 movesThere is a possibility that this checkmate can occur because of the Queen sacrifice. It will be very tempting to capture the Queen without knowing this checkmate.
Legal's mate7 moves7 movesThis is an excellent checkmate that I have done and successfully won. The possibility of performing this checkmate is very likely to happen.
Italian game smothered mate7 movesNot applicableThis checkmate may occur but will be a lot trickier than the other fast checkmates. The queen's position is a critical part of this checkmate.
Vienna game smothered mateNot applicable7 movesThe possibility of this checkmate to occur is very likely. The knight's moving forward the center is a tricky situation and can lead to checkmate.
(Unknown) Englund gambit mate8 movesNot applicableThe possibility of winning via checkmate with this moves is very unlikely, but you can cause a lot of damage to your opponent's queen side.
(Unknown) Bird's opening mateNot applicable9 movesThis is very unlikely to end up in a final checkmate, because there are other moves that can continue into a much longer chess game.

Fool's mate

The fool's mate is the fastest checkmate move in chess, and if you want a quick win with only 2 moves minimum, this might interest you. The opening used in the original fool's mate is the Barnes opening. I do think that the only way to execute this is if your opponent doesn't know this type of checkmate even exists.

With the fool's mate the king is trapped and has nowhere else to go or no chess piece to block the check because the diagonal line is the only path to move through (see below moves).

Barnes Opening Fool's mate for Black

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