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If you want to play free chess on the internet but having Ads is an issue while playing?  

Then I guess this is not for you…  


If you want to have fun and learn chess at the same time – you can now do that online.

What is the best free chess platform on the internet?

I was looking for an excellent website to play chess online- and I found this website.   Since I'm trying to re-learn chess, I need some way to play chess to implement some strategies I'm learning and play with real people online.  

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Here's my quick review of this website:  

Some chess experts say that there are a lot of really good features inside of this website that it's well worth looking into…

Want to play a quick game of chess?

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Whenever I want to play a quick game of chess online – I just go directly to and set up the timer and click play…  

I can get to play with different chess players who are in a different country and are playing online too.   So, if you want to play online, I suggest you check out this website.

Wrapping Up

I feel this is an excellent site for beginners to have a real game of chess from beginner level up to a high rated player.  

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If you are ready to test your chess knowledge online, then go here