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Top 19 Tips You Need To Follow To Win More Chess Games

19 tips win chess game

Want to learn more about how to win more chess games?

Losing doesn't mean you gain anything…right?   I know you know what I mean, we should learn from our loses… 😉  

Because…   Sometimes to win in chess, we need to learn from our loses too. There are many things we can't avoid losing a chess game, but there also some tips that can help you win more chess games.  


In this article I wrote down 19 tips that you can follow to win more chess games, most of the tips below I implement both for me and my daughter. You don't need to perform all of the tips below but select one and work on it.

Top 19 tips beginners need to follow to win more chess games

1. Watch at least four famous chess games

It's no secret, the best way to win more chess games is to study the games of the masters…   Watch famous Grandmasters chess games and try to understand why it was played that way.  

What I would do is search for two chess games played in White and two chess games played by Black. Choose games that ended with a checkmate. It will be beneficial if the video has a person explaining the moves.  

And you should start writing down significant moves that you know you need to remember. You try to simulate the game and the next time you play you should easily recall the moves you've just learned.

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2. Study 2 different variations of the four famous chess games

After searching four famous chess games that you like and feel comfortable playing with.  

Then, it's time to study different variations of those games, why?   Well, there will be different possibilities for every chess game (in fact I found out that there are millions of options for every move, that has never been played before)…

Learn at least two different variations for your chosen chess game and memorize the best moves on that game. You'll pick up several great pointers and will increase your chances of winning more games in chess (sounds like the lottery…lol)

3. Look for five chess puzzles with solutions

o help you get started thinking strategically.   You need to solve at least five chess puzzles, and there should always be a solution as much as possible. Study them and apply the idea to your next game. And you can do this until you feel you can quickly solve simple chess puzzles.  

The idea here is to train your brain to start looking for solutions – and next time you play chess, you will feel your mind just naturally look for answers during every game.

4. Watch some of Capablanca's end game

I've watched some videos of the Great Chessmaster Jose Capablanca – and I pick up a lot of handy tips and tons of excellent ideas from his previous games.  

You'll see some moves that an average chess player like me will not consider moving… 🙂 And just by watching you will learn a lot!  

Some chess experts consider him a genius and have influenced some of the Great Grandmasters like Bobby Fischer.

He has a solid end game skill, and his moves are very tactical. If you want to win more chess games, you should not miss watching some of Capablanca's greatest plays.

5. Memorize at least five chess traps

You don't want to become a victim of a chess trap right?   Sometimes we can't stop or noticed chess traps, don't we…

That is why we need to learn how to implement them on our game too.   Chess traps are just like any strategy you are trying to learn to improve your game – choose at least five chess traps that you can easily understand.  

You can just go to Google, and you'll find several chess traps, there are several chess traps from the search results page, or you can just go directly to Wikipedia and search for chess traps.

6. Register with an online chess platform

I find it helpful if you play chess with different people to gain new knowledge and you can't play with one person (your friend or your dad) every day.  

That is why I started playing chess online, this is where I can test new knowledge I gained in chess, and if you want to win more chess games (you cannot do that playing with one person right?), then you need to find more chess players to play with.  

You can use an online chess platform; there are a lot of them out there try registering, test their system and stick to one online chess platform…

7. Learn to stop and take a rest

If you have several friends waiting in line to play with you, and you've been losing several games with them…  

You should probably take a rest – I experienced winning five straight games and started losing five games straight as well. You'll have this feeling of wanting to get back in your winning streak, but something is bothering you, learn to stop and take a rest.  

You need to learn to stop when you noticed you are playing bad (not during the middle of the game of course…lol). Rest for a while do nothing or watch some quick chess games of grandmasters.  

You can't win more chess games if you keep on losing a game, right?

8. Don't feel nervous

It's normal, that's what I say to myself…lol!   Especially if you will be playing in tournaments (will give you the nerves)…but it's normal. You should feel excited when you are nervous because you tend to perform well when you are worried, and you try to think of the best possible moves every time it's your turn.  

Other chess experts suggest to keep on playing… I suggest you play with a clock.   Also, here are some of the three things we are nervous about when playing chess:

  • If you don't want to lose points from your rating (rating from an online chess game)
  • You are on a winning streak and you feel like losing will discourage you from playing again
  • You love the game that you don't want to miss at all because you have worked hard already

If you are thinking any of these three things, then you don't need to feel worried at all – when you are nervous believe that you will play a much better game.

9. Check opponents hidden threats

It wouldn't be called hidden if you can check it right? haha   What do I mean about check opponent's hidden threats? – You need to improve your awareness for every possible danger or attacks your opponent is going to come up with.

A good suggestion I read is that you start solving tactic problems for white from the black side or solve tactic problems for black from the white side.

If you can do this during a game, then you will have better chances of winning more chess games.   The good thing about this is you develop an essential skill, that is improving your hidden threats against your opponent.

10. The castle at the right time

If you don't need to castle early, then you don't have to…but you should know when to castle and when you can delay it.   Here are some excellent ideas about when is the best time to castle:

  • If your minor chess pieces are finished developing ( Rook is part of the development when castling)
  • If you are already preparing for an attack
  • If you are playing in a closed position
  • if you have moved more than 10

Castling doesn't always guarantee the King's safety of course but having a good idea when is the right time to castle is also an important skill to have when you want to win more chess games.

11. Memorize at least five mating patterns

We can't win more games if we don't have the slightest idea that our opponent is on a mating pattern…   I've been playing a lot of chess games online that analyzes the “missed win” during my game online.

You'll feel sad sometimes especially if you lose the game (that's how I think…)You just need to study or memorize at least five mating patterns – you can just go to Google (again…) and do a really quick search about the best mating patterns.  

It's an excellent habit to research for more mating patterns to improve your chess game. If you are happy with at least 5, then you will have more confidence and possibly win more chess games… 🙂

12. Play with more advanced chess players

We can't do this if we are not playing professionally… This can be very difficult for most of us…  


The benefit can be huge if you can find advanced chess players to play with. You'll not only gain new knowledge you can obtain a mentor as well. I know that this will have a huge impact on your game!

And the best way I found to play with more advanced chess players is online.   I used to play Chessmaster game before, and it was a good learning experience, and I did learn a few tips and tricks (which is already forgotten…haha).  

Now, I just play online in chess.com; you can have the option to play with a high rated chess player all over the world. It's also free to register – right now I'm trying to gain more chess experience even while playing online.

13. Stop boredom and teach chess sincerely

Chess can be boring for some, and those who feel they are bad at playing chess should do something different. First, Learn the history of some of the greatest chess players of all time.  

And, second…  

If you want to improve your chess game and win more games, then I think you should start considering teaching chess to your friends or your family…  

Why, well you will be forced to learn chess of course… 🙂   And while learning you come to know more about the history of chess and you will feel less bored.  

Instead, you will learn more and enjoy playing at the same time. More wins than losing of course… 🙂

14. Learn chess notation

If you have picked-up a chess book, you do know that most of the chess books should be read with knowledge of chess notation.  

Chess notation is vital for understanding mistakes or even tracking games that have been played by great Grandmasters. It is a system that was developed to record every chess moves in a game.  

Serious chess players need to know how to read and write chess notation, but for your advantage even if you are not playing competitive chess games – you should also learn chess notation even the basics (is there a basic?).  

When you have picked up a chess book and saw an exciting chess game on that book, you can then follow along by going through the chess notation.   You will pick up ideas and tips that can improve your game.

15. Keep a handy note-taking device

You need to keep a note-taking device available for you at all times, in case you want to recall a move that was played during a game ( just to be clear,

I'm talking about you as a spectator, not the chess player).   Every time you watch a chess game or chess games online, you will at some point find a great idea or tip which you can use on your next game. Grab your note taking device or a notepad then write it down.  

Note: Do keep in mind that in specific chess tournaments taking notes may not be allowed.   This will be helpful for you as you have a note that you can browse to find a useful tip in your game, but not during a game… 🙂

16. Watch some chess movies

I stopped playing chess when I graduated from primary school…   And then when I saw the movie of another great chess master Josh Waitzkin, I got inspired and appreciated chess once again.

Watching chess movies especially real-life chess stories will surely inspire you.   What does watching a chess movie got to do with winning more chess games?   Well, it gets you inspired to learn more about chess and the desire to win more chess games will automatically become a priority for you.  

You'll remember that chess movie that inspired you every time you play chess – and that can help you think of winning more chess games.   I said watch “some chess movies” because not all of the movies are great – I do suggest watching Josh Waitzkin story.

17. Imagine a winning move from your opponent

Maybe you are saying to yourself this sounds a bit too crazy (why will I even imagine a winning move from my opponent?)…  

But, it's not…too crazy! 🙂   Imagine a winning move, only means that you always as much as possible imagine your opponent moving the best move “always”… When you think that way, then you can anticipate it, prevent it or totally avoid it and possibly win.  

Why do this? Well, the Grandmasters do this, and they get good results. So, why not…   You can always start thinking two to three moves ahead – practice and play…   Most especially have fun. 🙂

18. Don't play if you are sad

You should not play chess when you are sad; our emotions play a significant role for us in winning or losing a chess game.  

When you are sad, definitely your mind will be wandering, and you are not focused at all in the game. I suggest you don't play any chess game, rated or not if you want to gather more wins in chess games.  

Losing might discourage you more, and eventually, you will think of stop playing chess anymore.

19. Learn and study chess fails

As much as we want to explore great chess games and learn from it…   We would equally need to learn and study chess fails. This is how some excellent chess players can plan a fantastic chess plays.  

Remember you'll become a better chess player or play stronger chess games if you learn and study chess fails of other great chess players. 🙂  

Do that at the same time take notes from it just like the tip I gave about “keeping handy note-taking devices”…

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Wrapping Up

I hope you were able to choose at least one tip to implement in your next chess game.   Our favorite is tip number 11, me and my daughter love learning and solving mating patterns all the time. If you are teaching your kids chess, then you can do the same thing. Please choose more than three tips from the above.  

Don't give up if you are still struggling to build momentum or building your chess winning streak. Just remember that losing doesn't mean your not learning something.  


For beginners, losing can help you become a stronger player in the long run – but only if you don't give up and keep on sincerely trying to improve your game.   Have fun learning chess! 🙂

"Discover The Solution On How To Improve Your Game Faster" (Even If You're Just Starting Out And You Don't Know Where To Find The Answer!)

Also Get Your FREE “Chess Fundamentals Cheat Sheets” to help you SPEED UP Your Learning and more!

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