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Useful Tips And Steps On How To Become A Chess Grandmaster

how to become a chess grandmaster

So, you want to know how to be a grandmaster in chess? When I was a chess player during primary school, I always knew that becoming a chess grandmaster will take years and dedication to this strategy game.

And I was right. Although I never pursued becoming a chess grandmaster, my love of playing and learning more about chess has led me to create this website. 🙂

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Now, if you are interested in becoming a chess grandmaster and want to know how, then this article is for you…

I created a quick list and steps on how you can start preparing to become a grandmaster! Let's get started!

1. Set your preferred schedule for practicing chess

If you are starting to learn chess, you should set your preferred schedule to learn or practice chess. It can be a strict schedule, and it depends on your current situation, but you have to put a program to be consistent towards your journey of becoming a chess grandmaster.

Also, to become a chess grandmaster, you need to practice as much as possible. You can do this by playing by yourself or take the help of online chess gaming sites to develop your skills. It is highly recommended that you challenge yourself and play with other high-level players. High-level players know about different strategies and tactics so that you will be challenged every step of the way. 

Besides, by playing with high-level players, you can find out how they react to your strategies. Thus, you will be able to improve your gameplay in this way.

If you have no problem with spending some cash on it, it will be best to enroll yourself in a recreational chess club. You will find different types of players in such a club. Playing with them will help you to improve your skill. You will gain a lot by being their competitor and their friend.

You can take the help of the internet to find such a club in your area. Speaking of the internet, it is filled with many paid and free chess forums and gaming sites. The more you play online, the more you will stand out against high-level or advanced players. You can learn a lot by playing against them.

2.Take advantage of learning new chess tips from your trusted advisers.

If you think there is an opportunity to learn new chess tips from different experts, you should take advantage of it. We all know that starting young has advantages, and they pick up a lot of guidance or advice from different mentors. Kids tend to experience getting additional information, and it's up to them to take advantage of it.

For example, kids exposed to music, languages, and other such disciplines at a young age tend to become fluent in it as they get older. So, learning the game of chess at an early age comes with many different benefits. Like music and language, it takes years to understand the complexities of chess. It was discovered that kids who start playing chess between the ages of 6 to 9 (on average) get a head start. 

This is mainly because at a young age, the brain is ready to understand and absorb new tactics, lessons, and ideas, which are all fundamental to becoming a powerful player.

3. Learn everything about chess even if you think you are already old 

Yes, kids do have the advantage, but what about adults who want to become a chess grandmaster? You have to commit to becoming one of the best. There is still time to understand and excel in this board game. You have to work hard and be ready to make sacrifices to achieve this goal of yours. 

There are three phases of this game of chess, and they are:

  • The opening.
  • The middle game.
  • The endgame.

Practice daily and have a daily study routine that covers all these three phases of the game. If you want to strengthen your gameplay and play with other players, it is just not for you, then hire a good coach. Coaches act as mentors and point out your strength and weakness. You will learn to play efficiently because of your coach.

4.Start learning and develop chess strategies.

Strategies are essential, and I often lose a person who has developed their strategy after the first opening moves. You need to develop this skill, and this will help you become a chess grandmaster at a much faster pace.

Once you become a high-level player yourself, you need to begin every game with a core strategy in mind. If you want effective endgame tactics later on in the game, you need to control portions of the board, which can be done quickly with a core beginning strategy. 

From Sicilian Defense to a spacing strategy to Nimzo Defense, many different strategies will help you move more precisely early on in the match. Even if you don't use them, you still need to learn them to detect if your opponent is using it against you or not.

5.Understand and apply learned chess tactics every game you play

Whenever I learn new chess tactics, I’m eager to use it online, it's fun to implement different tactics, and I like to apply it immediately after learning about it! Don’t get discouraged if your tactic didn’t work; you need to improve and follow the 4th step above.

For example, to defend or capture pieces and achieve a specific advantage, you need to use tactics. Here tactics refer to move sequences that can help you to achieve what you want. Tactics are different from a strategy. There are many other tactics from forks to pinning that you need to learn to become a chess grandmaster. 

It would be best if you learned how to identify opportunities as it will help you utilize tactics and execute them as and when needed.

6. Carefully analyze and master playing chess endgames.

As mentioned before, the endgame happens to be the final stage of a chess match. During this time, there are very few pieces left on the board. So, there is more space to move, and hence the endgame is different from strategies used during the beginning or in the middle of the match. 

Grandmasters can outplay their weaker opponents during this time. So, learn how to protect your pieces from ingenious endgame flanking moves. There are plenty of critical theoretical endgames to learn like Cutting off the King, Don't hurry, and Plus-equal mode.

7. Apply for a FIDE membership once you feel you are ready 

World Chess Foundation or the Fédération Internationale des Echecs: International Chess Federation(FIDE) is such an organization that can provide the Grandmaster title. So, you need to join it to receive the status. 

One of the best things about this organization is that it does not require any minimum experience to become a member. The yearly cost to become a member is around $27. Premium membership is also available. Joining this organization is a must if you want to become a chess grandmaster. 

8. Understand and study the 3 Norms and Rating process

On the way to becoming a grandmaster, you need to score 3 norms, for which you have to play in three norms or tournaments. Norm tournaments meet the principles of having around three grandmasters belonging to different countries, time control of at least 2 hours, and 9 rounds. 

Besides, during the event to make the rulings, an arbiter (international) needs to be present. And finally, the player who wants to score a norm needs to have a 2600 Elo performance/rating.

You need to play tournaments that are FIDE registered to develop your rating. By getting 3 high-level finishes at this type of tournaments or norms, you can earn the grandmaster's title.

Your rating is calculated based on the tournament's quality, the rating of the opponents, and on your record. You need to cross the 2500 rating requirement to become a chess grandmaster.

Both male and female players can earn the title of grandmaster. For the men section, the player needs to have 3 norms along with an Elo of 2500. Whereas, for female players, the chess player has to have an Elo rating of 2300.

Wrapping Up

This is a quick guide for becoming a chess grandmaster; the main thing you need to understand if you are planning to become a grandmaster is never to stop learning about chess.

You need to keep improving just like Bobby Fischer, Magnus Carlsen, and many other super grandmasters of chess before them. They never stop improving their chess skills and never stop playing.

Do not quit, especially if you feel playing chess is making you feel good!

Again, here are the useful tips and steps on how to become a chess grandmaster.

1. Set your preferred schedule for practicing chess

2. Grab opportunities to learn chess as early as you can

3. Learn everything about chess even if you think you are already old

4. Start learning and develop chess strategies

5. Understand and apply learned chess tactics every game you play 

6. Carefully analyze and master playing chess endgames

7. Apply for a FIDE membership once you feel you are ready 

8. Understand and study the 3 Norms and Rating process

Please do share this with your friends or families that are interested in becoming a chess grandmaster! Enjoy playing chess! 🙂

"Discover The Solution On How To Improve Your Game Faster" (Even If You're Just Starting Out And You Don't Know Where To Find The Answer!)

Also Get Your FREE “Chess Fundamentals Cheat Sheets” to help you SPEED UP Your Learning and more!

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